Intro to The Red Balloon Family

Hi! I’m Sam and would like to introduce you to my amazing family.

We’re an English family that now live on the east coast of Spain (a country which we have also travelled extensively).

I say English, but I’m actually of mixed race, Indian Dad and English Mum but born and bred in straight-talking Yorkshire, yet with extensive travel experience having been all over the world throughout my life. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently getting to grips with Instagram (already an expert on FB!) ready for our trip, whilst also documenting some of the things we get up to in our home town, Denia and surrounding areas, all of which always gather a lot of interest. I like to think I can tell a good story, always on the humorous side. I’m a true believer that laughter is food for the soul.


Again, I say English family, but Dave is actually all Spanish, although having lived in England from the tender age of two, he considers himself half Spanish and half English. He’s native fluent in both languages (and Valencian), which serves us well whilst on our travels, plus he will also be translating our adventures for the Spanish speaking community. We run a relatively new but successful events business, as you can see by our website, taking his 15 years’ experience in the events industry as an Events Producer and bringing it to the Costa Blanca.

I’ve already mentioned Dylan earlier, he’s loving life in Australia at the moment and we can’t wait to see him. 21 soon, they grow up so quickly!

Will is our other Red Balloon boy, who is currently living in the UK and studying hard for his exams in June. Academically, he’s definitely the brains of the family! We get back to England to see him as much as possible, and he’ll be keeping a keen eye on all our exploits and adventures.

Our eldest daughter Lola (11) has previously done model work and is the type that you could literally chuck into a puddle of mud but would still manage to take that perfect shot.

Betsy, our youngest daughter (6) on the other hand is the complete opposite, in a good way, in that she can have you in stitches with what comes out of her mouth or by purely pulling a crazy facial expression as you’ll be able to see by some of the photos in our galleries.

We also have two cats, although well travelled themselves, they did the drive from the UK to Spain (!) sadly won’t come with us, not that they would be of much use anyway as all they seem to do nowadays is lounge around in the sun on the balcony! They always provide good value, one of which is Minnie, a one eyed pirate cat who Betsy calls black dinosaur, and the beautiful and lovable, if slightly overweight (ok, maybe not so ‘slightly’), Mavis.

We hope to bring you a little bit of joy to your daily life by sharing our wonderful adventures with you, and that you enjoy what we have to share…