After a lovely family Christmas in sunny Spain, we decided as lovely as it is, we just weren’t feeling the Christmassy vibes with all those sunny rays… quick phone call to our Swiss ‘rellies’ and we’re off to find snow, and cheese, and lots and lots of Swiss chocolate!

We arrive at Geneva airport to be greeted by a wealth of all of the above not to mention our cousin and host with the most, Kevin. He took us on a double decker train where the conductor fills my extra small glass with Prosecco, Dave and Kevin beer and gives the children free traditional biscuits and insists on us all drinking for the full three (!) stop journey, I like this place already!

Quick bag drop and turn around and on to the main attraction, the cheese fondue restaurant. We take the train back into Geneva city centre and find Xmas!  Twinkling lights and designer shops everywhere you turn! We take a walk to the old town with its cobbled streets and traditional Swiss architecture in our search for Les Armure –

 You see I like cheese, a lot, I’ve bred children who like cheese, a lot, so safe to say we were all beyond excited for our cheese fondue initiation… and it didn’t disappoint. The mountains of cheese and bread dipping, followed by some cheese and potato dipping and then the ultimate finish, scraping the burnt cheese off the bottom of the pan all far exceeded our cheese expectations… this then followed up with some after dinner Swiss chocolate for a truly amazing Swiss culinary experience… what a first night!  Hello Switzerland!

Day 2 was a slow start mainly due to the mass of cheese consumed the night before…  but once we’d got ourselves ready we went in search of snow and our cousin Kevin didn’t disappoint and knew exactly where to take us. La Givrine is approximately 45 minutes from Geneva centre with lots of scenic stop off points… as soon as we spotted the snow we had to get out and touch it, living in Spain it’s been a while since we’ve seen any! We stopped at a popular lookout point with spectacular views of the Swiss Alps including the famous Montblanc. It was also a real sight to see the sea of clouds below us!

We carried on up the mountain to a sledging site with a little frozen lake so we decided this looks like fun and stopped for a hot drink and some snow and lake action…  although we didn’t have a sledge so cousin Kevin had a great idea – he’s done this before – and we used some bin bags much to the kids amusement, and very wet bums… After an hour and the sun setting we decided it was time to head back, remember of course this was New Year’s Eve so more eating and drinking had to be done of course…

We get back to Geneva, we decide at near frozen temperatures and 3 tired children that we were probably better seeing the NY in indoors. Cue champagne, gin and Just dance, no better way to see 2020 in…

Did I hear someone say 1st January 2020.. yes New year new me.. erm… no! Hangover from hell and a very very slow start headache… we rallied the troops and went for a low key family meal at uncle Steve and aunty Jo’s.

For some strange reason when booking the flights we thought a 7am flight back on the 2nd January was a good idea, again… erm no! We decide we’re not quite done with Switzerland.. quick flight change and were staying another 2 days.. thanks cousin Kevin once again! Today is Joyce’s birthday another family day of gift giving and visits, followed by a night time walk down to the lake Geneva to set off some celebratory fire works. We definitely saw both the New Year, and Joyce’s birthday, in with a bang!

3rd Jan up and at ‘em taking the train in to the heart of Geneva, a good few hours looking round the beautiful designer shops. The window displays are amazing, maybe one day we’ll actually be able to treat ourselves to a little something… and the continued search for Lola’s C&A ad campaign… disappointingly once again, lots of photos from the shoot, but just not hers! A pit stop at the famous flower clock for photos, as well as the Malbuisson clock which depicts the Escalade, an bhistoric moment in Geneva’s history, then on to our final meal, a yummy Chinese just round the corner from cousin Kevin’s to finish off what has been a lovely way to bring in the New Year.

Unfortunately, the flight was the 7am one, but at least this time we’d had a few more days to recover from New Year, and of course eat as much cheese and chocolate as is possible – the diet starts when we get home!

Goes without saying, a big thank you to our amazing host cousin Kevin, we’ll be repaying the favour in summer…