Our Red Balloon Family are beyond excited for our upcoming road trip. We will be travelling to Australia to see the oldest Red Balloon boy (he’s gonna love me for his new name!) for his 21st birthday. He left the tribe last year in family tradition to follow his dream of travelling the world and is currently living in Melbourne.

We are making the most of our trip by including some amazing stop offs on our adventure which include Singapore, the Gold Coast, Bali and Kuala Lumpur – and I’m sure there’ll be some random surprises thrown in along the way!

As a couple we’re well travelled, although travelling long-haul with children – specifically 6 and 11 year old girls – is quite a different story! We want to share our experiences, adventures, advice, reviews and tips with you all. The amazing times and tantrums, the places we visit, the best attractions, accommodation, transport, restaurants, and also the not so amazing ones! I’m a no holds barred type character, if it’s crap I won’t be holding back!

We’ve already been doing some practicing over the past year or so, although not quite as far as that, so take a look below at some of trips we’ve made, some without children. But we don’t only have fun when we’re travelling. We live in a beautiful place with so many amazing things to do and be grateful for, so we thought we’d share some of them with you. Hopefully this will give you a bit of a flavour as to what we’re about so you can see the kind of things we may be getting up to on our travels…


The Red Balloon Family

The build-up starts in February with a cheeky little trip to London, just the hubby and me, for an early birthday celebration. This includes back to back parties, the first with our good friend Paul Linney who’s DJ’ing on the Friday night at The Vault @ Putney Pies. This is then followed the day after with a daytime rave, Ants @ Printworks with my other good friend (although he doesn’t know it yet!) international DJ Erick Morillo.

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